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William Henry
Lost science of the Soul
Breaking the Reptilian Code

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Welcome to an investigation into the biggest secret of all.

You are about to experience a secret that has been handed down for millennia. A creation of wise beings who are called the Shining Ones, they hailed from Planet X, and carried the creation across the darkness of the cosmic ocean. Now· Imagine, the cosmic ocean; black, with the buzzing light of a trillion galaxies. And in our galaxy, there is · a cube· The cube is a net or sector of space. It is a Sea of Glass 'full of eyes', inhabited worlds. We are in the cube. It is resurfacing, and the wisdom it imparts to whomever comprehends it makes them a master of nature, able to manipulate matter and to enter the hyper realms through a ladder that extends from a wormhole within the cube.

Which myths and scripture do you believe refer to ancient wormhole technology?

How do myths of ancient stargates compare with the depictions of stargates and wormholes in such movies as Contact and Stargate?

Why doesn't modern science search ancient texts for the secrets of this technology?

What impact would it have on civilization if suddenly we had immediate access to a wormhole?


Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. Saddam Hussein believes he is the reincarnated biblical king Nebuchadnezzar. In 576 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar leveled Jerusalem and returned to Babylon with three wise men from the Temple of Solomon. He placed these wise men in a 'fiery furnace' (a stargate?). They re-emerged with the Son of God in tow. Saddam believes he must duplicate and out do Nebuchadnezzar's feats.

What has Saddam done so far to duplicate Nebuchadnezzar?

What does he intend to do?

What secrets does Saddam potentially control?

The period between 1999 and 2012 is a season of prophecy which Maya prophets claimed leads to a moment of new creation. What did the Mayans predict would happen in 2003 and 2012?

How does the War on Terror and the Age of Terror relate to Mayan prophecy?

Why do you think the word 'terror' has been massively imprinted on human consciousness during these times?

Why were Jesus, Osiris and Buddha called the King of Terror?

What did the secret societies of times past say about Planet X?

What are the alleged gods from Planet X in search of?

How does the myth of the exploded planet and the creation of the Earth at the hands of Planet X fit in with this wormhole theory?

What is the role of the Moon in the mythology of Planet X?

Dreams are the key to Planet X. What is the significance of tall beings (7-10 ft. tall) in dreams?

What about strange symbols, lettering and illustrations in dreams?

What do you fear most about the return of Planet X?

If the story of the return of Planet X were a movie how would it end?

The story that the beings from Planet X created humans as slaves to mine gold is only partially true. Based upon the alchemical fact that gold and soul are interchangeable, William proposes the human body was created as a 'resurrection machine' for the soul to return home.

Science says the center of our galaxy is home to a black hole and a white hole. What do ancient myths say about this place? When John the Revelator traveled to the crystal halls of Christ's court did he really go to the center of the Milky Way? Myths and prophecy say the center of the galaxy will radiate a higher vibrational energy at this time. What effect will this energy have on the average person?

FDR sent agents to Mongolia in 1934 in search of the reincarnated Jesus and the Holy Grail.

Who were these agents and what was their agenda?

What did these agents discover in Mongolia?

Where are the secrets of the Holy Grail today?