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Some Alien implant removal cases:

The first case-file involved an airhostess who was in a state of denial about a foreign object under her skin that seemed to have a life of its own. When she moved to touch the  object it would move away. But instead of following a cyst or fistula, the movements it made encompassed a 2” diameter area on her arm. Weird. Leir caught it on film prior to its surgical removal. He described the serendipitous sequence of events that led to his performing the surgery to remove the implant. "

The surgery produced a T-shaped object within an impenetrable organic membrane that Leir thought probably prevented rejection by the body (if this could be studied it would be a potential life-line for transplant receivers who currently have to indefinitely rely upon Cyclosporine, and other anti-rejection drugs). Leir noted how several of the different implants in his possession are very similar in nature, so much so that he has to photograph them in a different context to tell them apart. One exhibits protrusions that move under the influence of a magnet, and Leir hypothesizes that such mechanical workings might explain the independent capability to move below  the abductees skin.

Then came the science. Analysis of the object had been carried out using various machines, including an AFM microscope in Santa Barbara. Tiny frog spawn-like sacs containing oil were found within the coating, before it was removed by several processes to reveal a shiny, well-organized metal. It had an amorphous, non-crystalline form. Leir compared this bizarre metallic form to the work being carried out by military black projects on similar amorphous metals, none of which were yet thought to have magnetic properties. I'd like to know if the isotopic ratios of the metal's constituents were terrestrial or not. There are possible connections here with the 'morphing metals' research by DARPA that Cosmic Conspiracies exposed last year.

Then he turned to the Gary Lowry case, whose brush with the unknown began 12 years ago. Now his whole family is affected, and shows no signs of abating. There are several paranormal aspects to the case, but what's most interesting are the physical indicators of something truly weird going on. Lowry set up a video camera in his bedroom in an attempt to capture the visiting phenomenon on tape. After some considerable time he managed to get 8 frames of an alleged alien face.

Other physical evidence has also been  collected by clever means…the 'aliens' don't appear to be above subterfuge on the part of their earthly victims. Footprints were captured on aluminum foil, and a claw complete with 3 hairs left behind. It's currently undergoing DNA analysis, we were told, with the likelihood of peer-reviewed publication to follow. Other evidence included burn circles on the lawn and the magnetization of various parts of the house. What's more, Leir was himself actually witness to some of the paranormal activity in the Bakersfield house whilst accompanying a Japanese TV crew. It happened when he was amusing himself by riding around in a wheelchair in an empty room of the house. He saw the phenomenon described by Lowry of walls becoming wave-like.

A&S Research

This organization, working together with scientific groups such as N.I.D.S. and other scientists worldwide has set forth to compile and analyze physical evidence relating to various areas of Phenomenology. In the course of doing so, we were exposed to the aforementioned case approximately eight years ago. A& S Research has determined that this case represents the greatest abundance of physical evidence of any like case on record.

Example of physical evidence yet to undergo examination:

1. Anomalous magnetic or electromagnetic phenomena involving the encounter site.

2. Soil taken from the front yard involving landing traces.

3. Powdery substances covering a wristwatch.

4. Samples of fluorescence taken from the walls of the closet and bedroom.

5. Footprint castings.

6. Anomalous video footage.

Future studies involve:

1. Wound analysis of body marks as well as physiological testing and blood analysis.

2. Analysis of the ambient background involving temperature fluctuations, -- electromagnetic anomalies, and light and sound affects.

3. Infared photography.

In actuality, the "Claw" is only one portion of this totality currently under investigation. The "Claw" was given priority becaause of the importance of possibly finding nonterrestial DNA. It is the opinion of A& S Research that the results of this most comprehensive DNA investigation does not contribute to either the strength or weakness of possible extraterrestrial involvement in the case. It is also our opinion this intensive and expensive scientific investigation serve as an example of how academic science can be mated with Phenomenology to produce clear cut acceptable results. These results can then be subjected to the normal peer review processes with publication in scientific literature. It should also serve to illustrate why the current standard of research in numerous areas of Phenomenology lacks veracity and acceptance. What good does it do to make claims based on opinion and then publicize them through the media to the general public without subjecting these claims to scientific methodology? We believe this to be foolish and serving to no one.